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Qualitative data thanks to smart software CHEQ.IT

Iconic for 35 years

In the last thirty five years, our parent company has been a leading, global player in the field of access control systems and guest/member administration. Thanks to these years of experience, we can provide efficient and reliable software applications.

Digital strategy

When it comes to defining the standards that our software must meet, the end users are in the lead rather than us. From this unique position, we help organisations to implement their digital strategy in an optimal way.

How can we be of service to you?

CHEQ.IT offers

  • A complete, high level package for access control, cash register and membership administration

  • Modern access control system

  • An ideal solution for chains and companies with multiple sites

  • Connections to central databases

  • Various modules for optimal service

  • Modules run as full web applications

  • User-friendly applications 

  • Compatible with all computer systems

  • 100% custom made

  • Support for all direct debit systems in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Gibraltar and the UK


This is what CHEQ.IT can do for you:

All data validated               

Thanks to CHEQ.IT you can be sure that the information entered by your debtor is correct. We immediately validate all data. This can be a simple validation, such as 'this field can only contain numbers', to more complex validations, such as 'this is an existing zip code'. Thanks to our validation at source, the quality of the data is guaranteed and you can go through further processes smoothly.

Get started quickly           

CHEQ.IT is set up in such a way that you can get started quickly. When developing our software, we have taken the user-friendliness of our product into account. We also listened carefully to the wishes of many entrepreneurs to keep training costs to a minimum. The user interface of CHEQ.IT has a logical structure of all functionalities. Working with CHEQ.IT is a piece of cake.

Everyone's friend                 

CHEQ.IT can be easily and securely linked with existing software systems. This 'everyone's friend' concept prevents manual input between systems and lets you work a lot more efficiently. You not only save time, money and energy with CHEQ.IT, but you also prevent input errors and a lot of irritation.

Carry out direct debits       

The world of payment platforms does not stand still. At CHEQ.IT we have a lot of knowledge of performing periodic direct debits. And not only for SEPA (in Euro countries), but also for payment systems in the UK, Canada and Poland. A new payment system is easy to implement. We ensure seamless integration with standard procedures. Users hardly notice the different ways in which you bring in your money.

Compliant with existing laws and regulations

From our parent company, we have been a leading player in the field of modern access control systems and debtor registration for more than thirty years. This means that we are used to adapting to local legislation. Whether it's a law that says when you can cancel (the Wet van Dam in the Netherlands) or different VAT rules (such as in Spain and Canada), we support it.

Everything in one place

As your business grows, our system grows with you seamlessly. Even if you cross borders, everyone can continue to work in the same database. This makes central control simple and ensures a uniform working method. Of course, access to the data is protected by a rights and role system. When designing our software, we also take into account that the software is used on a large scale. Thousands of registrations per hour? No problem. We use special techniques to ensure that your customer can quickly take the necessary action  even when it is very busy.

Easy access control

It seems so simple. Someone offers a pass and the gate may or may not open. However, we know better than anyone that this can be much more complex in practice. In the fitness industry, for example, we check 16 different areas before deciding whether someone can enter the club. This happens within tenths of a second, even if a member from Spain visits a club in the Netherlands. We make thorough access controls simple and easy to use.

Secure Storage

When you store the data of millions of people, it is a legal requirement that you think carefully about the security of the storage. This is exactly what we do every day. We use applications that store personal data securely, not only in our software, but also with all peripherals. This is also regularly checked with penetration tests by independent companies. And of course we adapt when you find it necessary to add an extra layer of security.

Daily sales figures in pictures

We offer you daily overviews of your sales results. Thanks to our SalesAssistant, the figures of your sales are immediately visible in your system. Based on these figures, you will automatically receive comprehensive overviews in your email every morning with the results of the past day. We show the totals and comparisons against your budget. Never before have you had such a clear picture of your sales figures. A necessary tool for every manager.

Everything in one in the field of relationship management

Thanks to CHEQ.IT you have a relationship management system that records all activities, plans and agreements in detail. Not only do you have insight into the performance of your employees, you also get the tools to optimize your sales.  Once a prospect is a customer, the system automatically transfers the data to the membership administration. All information collected during the sales process is retained and this of course can be interrogated at a later stage.


Want to know more?

Are you curious about what CHEQ.IT can do for you? Then make an appointment with us without obligation. We are happy to show you real-life examples which demonstrate this powerful system. ​


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