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Support Professionals has delivered professional support services to the ICT branch for over thirty years. In addition to this, we have created and supported GymManager, the complete SAAS (Software as a service) solution for the fitness industry.

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Al meer dan 30 jaar

1987 - 2012

We started in Helvoirt, where we literally had a desk in the bedroom where we developed software. The first program we created was the invoice and order system called Order! (with exclamation mark) which was still in use by customers until 2008. This was soon followed by the Sale+ cash register system. There is still a customer who uses this to this day as it satisfies all his IT needs. With the development of software, the demand for hardware also gew. Adding system management to the service package was  a logical step.


The growth of our company has happened very quickly, due in part to our client base in the fitness industry. Today, we  provide our services at many locations in the world from three data centres: namely in Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Waalwijk. In addition, there is an interconnection with a data center in Sydney enabling us to quickly serve our customers on the other side of the globe. The software development is now fully focused on SAAS (Software As A Service), whereby the customer hires our services and capacity. It is no longer necessary to make an expensive investment in software development and support. Our services in this area have grown into an important part of the company and we have gained a lot of expertise in the field of large-scale networks and their security.


We are always looking for methods to provide our customers with fast software for an competitive price. We recently introduced a brand-new development where many long-running tasks can be handled by specialised services, so that the user can move on quickly and efficiently to other work.

We follow the latest developments in the field of security and implement them as much as possible. This gives our customers the opportunity to work in many locations, without compromising system security and safety.

Social involvement

From the beginning, we have chosen to support local initiatives with both money and services. For example, the Strohalm in Waalwijk has received a completely new house-style from us and we support them with the IT services they need. The Red Cross also holds a special place in our heart. They receive money from us annually and we support local departments with IT services. In addition, there are many other local initiatives that receive help and support from us.

We compensate all electricity and gas that we use.We use the services of Greenchoice to facilitate this.

The future

As a company, it is great to know that you have a reach all over the world, but it is even more fun when you can also use that knowledge in the region. Since 2012, we have become more focussed on our own region in our sales activities. As a result, local companies benefit from the knowledge that we have gained in large-scale projects. 

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