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With more than twenty colleagues and more than thirty years of experience, we have a lot of expertise in setting up and managing all IT-related components within your company.

We cover the whole gamut. WiFi and network systems, Office 365, work-place management, data centre to backup and IT security applications. Not forgetting, of course an extensive service and support department to support, help and advise you at any time

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The current market demands a lot of flexibility and is constantly subject to change. It is important to be able to work here as efficiently and as productively as possible. Microsoft 365 offers a broad set of solutions to realise this. This brings to mind the well-known programs such as Word, Excel and e-mail, but also options in the field of team collaboration, document management and online meetings. Due to the fact that this is also a cloud solution, it no longer matters from where, when and with what device someone wants to work. Microsoft 365 makes it possible for your employees both in the office and at home to easily access their files in the cloud and always work with the necessary programs. We have been carrying out successful migrations for years and have received much positive feedback.
Microsoft 365
Cloud computing
Cloud computing


Cloud computing means that you, as a user, have access to your software and applications anytime, anywhere. We use cloud computing to access this personal or business data. The advantages are that it is accepted quickly and worldwide. In addition, it is easy to scale your operation up and down, to add new users or remove old users. As a company, you only pay for what you actually need. So do you want you and your employees to be able to work anytime, anywhere and access all documents? If this is the case. then cloud computing is indispensable.


Where working in the cloud has often become a habit, whether on a server in the office or completely in the cloud, backup is often a forgotten entity. We provide the option to make in-house and/or Cloud backups. The advantage of Cloud backups is that it is no longer necessary to change the often forgotten and annoying tapes. Cloud backup is scalable and fast. We are happy to provide this insurance in your organisation to limit data loss to a minimum. This means that your data is safe in the event of a malfunction or after a cyber attack.


Strong IT security is critical to your organization. We increasingly hear terms such as cybercrime, phishing, malware and ransomware in the news. A security flaw can have major consequences. Weak spots can be found at all levels in the organisation. The optimal solution would be an up-to-date firewall, a virus scanner with on-access scanning, patch management and also an awareness of cyber security within your team. We can support and monitor at all the levels mentioned to unburden your workforce. Together we ensure that you and your employees can work as safely as possible. All this must, of course be underpinned by the GDPR regulations, here too we are ready to give you advice.
Online werkplek
Online werkplek


The most frequently asked question from an entrepreneur in this day and age will undoubtedly be 'What will my employee's future workplace look like?' Structural working from home is no longer the exception to the rule. The question of how this can be done safely and reliably is becoming increasingly important. An online workspace provides access to files, e-mail and any applications. Preferably, all this would be realised with as little hardware and/or peripheral equipment as possible. Facilities within Microsoft 365 for example, offer a flexible solution. We are happy to brainstorm with you about how we can provide an infrastructure within your organisation that suits your unique situation.
Software ontwikkeing
Web development


Software Society has been serving entrepreneurs at home and abroad for over thirty years. For a long time, software development was our most important branch within the company.  We put ourselves on the map with GymManager, an administrative software package for the fitness industry. In the meantime, other industries also benefited from our tailor-made solutions for things such as member administration, direct debit systems, sales assistance, member retention and a daily action point list. In addition, we cater for all conceivable software issues. Our solutions are always user-friendly and effective because the people who operate the software are our top priority.


A good infrastructure is the basis of a stable network. This includes a secure firewall, fast switches with the correct configuration, a secure WiFi network and VPN connections. Suppliers and users must be able to securely connect to all (peripheral) equipment that is available in your branches, home workplaces and servers. Whether these are in-house or in the Cloud, we are happy to help you with a streamlined network and a perfect data flow.
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