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Business with a social conscience

Corporate Social Responsibility ​
As an IT partner, Software Society has built up strong ties with many (local) entrepreneurs. This manifests itself in, among other things, sponsoring and supporting sports clubs, social activities and events.

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  • The Drunen Walking Festival

  • The Dickens Festival 

  • The 80 of De Langstraat

  • The Do-Good festival

  • Koudserveren Open Air music festival

  • School Handball Tournament,

  • Football clubs RKDVC & FC Drunen

  • Handball clubs Avanti & Tachos

  • and many more...

Support Professionals founders, Dennis and Franki Münninghoff are particularly active in the community which is in addition to their entrepreneurship. They support charities in various ways. Their motto: 'Give people opportunities and let them grow'.  

Their initiatives are:

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